Verification of the gross mass of packed containers, a mandatory transmission from July, 1st 2016

  • Implementation : July, 1st 2016
  • Concept : all packed containers’ gross mass should be verified prior to stowage aboard ship
  • Objectivesto protect ports infrastructures, vessels, trucks and to ensure the safety of the dockers, seamen and drivers.
  • Containers involved : standard, tank, flat rack & bulk. (Ro-Ro are not involved for short international voyages*)
  • The party in charge of measuring the Verified Gross Mass : the Shipper
  • The party for whom the measuring is intented : the shipping company/its representative and the terminal representative.
  • Two official methods to measure the Verified Gross Mass :
    – Weighing of the packed container (upon the conclusion of packing and sealing)
    – Weighing of all the packages and cargo, including the mass of pallets, protective and filling materials, tare mass of the container, etc…

The whole process must be undertaken with calibrated and certified equipment, and that will have been certified by local authorities upstream.

  • Authorized error margin will depend on local authorities, attesting by the terminal weighing.
  • Operations : the statement must be received by the shipping company or its representative before the deadline (cut-off). The deadline will be fixed by shipping company according each POL.

 In case of non compliance with the weight : the container will not be loaded on to the ship, without exception