About us

Columbia Transport is a full service Italian freight forwarder, specializing in shipping any kind of cargo by air and by ocean, from and to Italy.

Columbia Transport started on April 1982 with one specific goal: to provide the highest quality international transportation services to our worldwide clients. Our company was founded by Mr. Giovanni De Luca, who was inspired by the Columbia Space Shuttle, the first orbiter to fly into space in 1981.


Because we are really keen on what we do for you. Because your satisfaction becomes our priority when you contact us. Because we find solutions before the problems occur. Because, at Columbia Transport, our clients’ needs always come first!

We will listen, analyse, question and present a solution to our clients that will produce the successful results they require from us. So you can trust us.

Our goals are simple and forthright: We are united by the common philosophy of providing unrelenting top quality customer service.
By serving you well, we believe we can develop a lasting relationship with our customers that will grow stronger over time.
So why us? Simply because we care about you and your cargo!

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