Columbia Transport Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

At Columbia Transport, we are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously.  We have enacted measures to ensure the safety of our staff and to make sure that we are equipped to handle the international shipping services that our customers have come to depend on from us.

Since the early signs of the outbreak, we have taken the following actions:

  • Encouraging our staff to work remotely whenever possible
  • Arranging our offices to ensure distance between staff members for health security
  • Requiring our staff to take all health safety measures, including wearing approved masks, practicing proper handwashing hygiene and social distancing.
  • Following all local, regional and national directives covering the ability to operate as an essential business

We are doing all of this to make sure that we are here when you need us, just as we have been since we started in 1982. 

We know that by keeping our company operationally ready for whatever comes means that we are ready for whatever you need.

Working together with one another, and with you, we will get through this pandemic and ensure a productive and successful future in the years to come.


Enrico De Luca, Managing Director

Columbia Transport S.r.l.